Who is Alex C Teves?

“Alex” Alexander C Teves
Beloved son, brother, friend, hero.
6/1/1988 – 7/20/2012

Alex lived life with pure joy and enthusiasm, an everyday hero to those who knew him. The spirit in which Alex lived life and his selfless dedication to helping others continues to inspire. His beautiful legacy lives on through the ACT Foundation.

2012 Intern Counselor at Humanex Academy

Alex 2012 Intern Counselor at Humanex Academy

Through his daily actions and work, Alex’s goal was to help others – in mind, spirit and body. He conducted individual, group and crisis counseling to students and their families as well as mentoring troubled youth, and also dedicated time as an intern counselor at Humanex Academy. Alex had recently graduated from the University of Denver earning  a Masters Degree in Psychology and was in the process of obtaining a degree in Physical therapy at the time of his death.

 Alex’s beautiful and purposeful life was cut short on 7/20/12 in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, gunned down and murdered by a coward. Alex’s final act of heroism was to shield his beloved girlfriend from gunfire that night.  Alex was one of 12 killed and 70 wounded.  He was only 24 years old.

In addition to being fiercely loyal to family and friends, Alex is fondly remembered for his incredible sense of humor and contagious smile, a huge appetite for diverse culinary quests, a passion for craft beer, and a love for sports and the outdoors. He was a dedicated physical fitness enthusiast, gifted guitarist, and an intense fan of his beloved University of Arizona Wildcats.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Alex graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010. Alex moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver, and graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology in 2012.  Alex is survived by his parents, two younger brothers, and his beloved girlfriend.

Words of Dedication read on the floor of Congress July 26, 2012.

 -by Alyssa Susan

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life and memory of Alex Teves, who was killed in the terrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado, not long ago.  He died saving his girlfriend’s life, pushing her out of the way and covering her with his body as bullets flew around the theater.  He was only 24 years old.

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Alex & Friends Tough Mudder Event in Colorado

At his young age, he was already the kind of person many of us hope to be. Friends, family and everyone who knew him describe him as an extraordinarily warm, generous and sincere man. Beyond the goodness he showed his close friends, he was enthusiastic to meet and get to know everyone, whether they were older, younger, shared his interests or had never spoken with him before. People felt his optimism, his honesty and his genuine kindness as soon as they met him. He made the most of his natural gifts and abilities and made time to help others. He was more than a good example – he was a rare and very good human being.

Every day in high school he wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans, and was so well-known and well-liked that the entire student body held a “Teves Day” each year for everyone else to wear the same. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010 and earned his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver just this June. He was preparing to dedicate his life to helping those who could benefit from his warmth, his compassion and his wisdom. To anyone tempted to become cynical about our country, our future or our way of life, I say Alex Teves proves them wrong.

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Alex Teves 6/1/88-7/20/12

Our nation loses someone special to gun violence far too often. In Alex, we lost someone who was not afraid to befriend strangers, not afraid to push himself in the service of others who needed help, and not afraid to give his life for someone he loved. He lived a quiet, everyday kind of heroism that never gets the recognition it deserves and never seeks it. I humbly offer my voice to the many, many others who are grieving for his death today, and offer them as much comfort and support as I can. He was a truly extraordinary person, and those who knew him best will miss him for a very long time. I believe his name will live on as a good, even a great, example for others. He felt a natural instinct to love, help and be good to the people around him, and he passed it on simply by being himself. He deserves a greater tribute than I can pay him today.

Dedicated to the memory of Alex C Teves. Beloved son, brother, friend, hero.