Letters from students and parents about their experience at Humanex Academy.

Jules – Student

“Humanex academy taught me to be proud of whatever it is that i excel at, all people have a purpose and sometimes its just harder to find it. I learned that teachers aren’t out to get me and could actually be really amazing people. Humanex academy is a mecca for kids that need a little bit of saving, and it’s there that we learn to save ourselves.”

Samantha – Student

“I don’t know where I’d be without Humanex. They help me get further than I ever could have through public schools. Public school never seemed to work for me in the end. So I took it upon myself to transfer schools. At Humanex I got the support and understanding I needed for me to succeed. The down-to-earth, small atmosphere is comfortable, making it easy to get work done. The teachers are rare and some of the best teachers I’ve had. I’m glad I found Humanex and hope future students are as grateful and successful as I have been.”

Dustin – Student

“It’s not exaggeration when I say Humanex Academy saved my life. Maybe that’s hard to believe, I mean, it’s just a little school, right? That’s the building, sure… But what Humanex did for me was turn my identity in the education system from a number into a name. The teachers and faculty knew me, the other students knew me (and know me, quite a few of my graduating class keep in touch). I discovered a talent for the English language and the sciences at Humanex that I would never have had the confidence to pursue without the support of the faculty and the encouragement of the friends I made. We were all Humanex kids in that place, or Humanex teachers, and there’s a feeling of family in that when you need it, and time alone, when you need it. No school I’ve attended before or since got the results that Humanex did, because no school before or since made me want those results more; no other school before or since gave me the elbow room to be me while likewise providing incentive to be the best of me. It’s not just small class sizes, it’s not just the good-spirited, earnest, devoted faculty, it’s not just the feeling that your fellow students have been through the ringer just like you have. It’s a feeling of community and individuality coexisting without friction, it’s a spirit of determination that everyone working for that school has, the drive to see you, and every other student in their classroom, succeed; it’s knowing you’re accountable for yourself and that you’ve been granted freedom because the faculty at that school trusts you to want to succeed too. That’s Humanex Academy. That’s what saved my life. My name is Dustin, and I’m proud to be a Humanex graduate.”

Julian – Student

“When I first started at Humanex Academy, I was many things, and almost none of them could be considered good. I was beligerent, stubborn, willing to fight any and all authority, and just plain wanted to fight. I never wanted to do any school work and there were many days where I would either just sit in Dave’s office or not come into school at all. But after many mistakes, many apologies, and many, MANY attempts to turn over a new leaf, I finally did. I stopped fighting things, I started listening. I worked on my classes, and the teachers offered their assistance when I needed it. David Miller gave advice to student who needed it, and I know I was one who did constantly. By the time I graduated, I had become a completely transformed person. I can safely say that I would not have become the person I am today if I had gone to a public school. And so I give my thanks to all the teachers who worked with me while I attended Humanex, and especially Dave.”
Parents of N

“N graduated from the Northeastern Regional Police Academy in 2006. He is recently married and has a beautiful baby boy and a wonderful life in southern Colorado. He shared that had it not have been for the guidance he received at Humanex, he wouldn’t have made it this far in life.

N spent three and a half wonderful years at Humanex and made many friends. Had it not been for the staff at Humanex pushing him to do more than he ever thought possible, he probably never would have gotten to where he is at today. Having the smaller classes and one-on-one individual attention really made the difference in N’s life. The combination of an experienced staff and the ability to teach in a “different way” rather than a conventional school was the “spark” that he needed to get in gear and push him to where he is today.

N came from a high school in Aurora, Colorado where he was failing all of his classes. He left that high school with a 1.9 GPA for the first semester. The problem was simple: he didn’t like being in his classes; the teachers didn’t know how to teach a very visual and kinesthetic student; and it just didn’t fit. He left that high school after the first semester of his freshman year and made his way to Humanex. It was quite a shock for N! He had never been in a school where everyone knew his name and seemed to care about what he was doing. Even when it came to his English classes with Tracy W., a class he normally hated, he was enjoying every minute of it.

N graduated from Humanex Academy in 1998. Once he graduated, he went on to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling to start his career in law enforcement and since then he became a fully sworn Deputy Sheriff with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office in Divide, Colorado.”

Josh – Student

“I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Denver. As I sat alongside my peers at the ceremony, donning my cap and gown, waiting to move my tassel from the right side of my cap to the left side, I naturally began to think about the journey that got me to this point. And undoubtedly, a significant part of my journey included Humanex Academy. I started high school at a public school. While it’s one of the more respected public schools in the state, it wasn’t working for me. Academically, I was under-performing. I felt like I was a small fish in a large sea, and I didn’t matter. I believed I was an intelligent kid. Therefore, my academic performance was embarrassing. It was humiliating. And I began to question whether or not I actually was an intelligent kid at all. If there was any path I was on, college graduate wasn’t it. There was no way I would’ve eventually attained a college degree; no way I would’ve ever known the feeling of moving a tassel from the right to the left at a college graduation commencement ceremony.
Thankfully, in my sophomore year, my parents decided to send me to Humanex, where my older brother went from the same situation I was in, to experiencing academic success. Honestly, I wasn’t keen on the idea at first. I didn’t like the idea of moving to a school as small as Humanex, and worried about what would happen to my social life in a small setting, since I felt my social life was the one bonus of being at that public school. But making the transfer was the single best thing to happen to my academic career, and yielded many positive results in my social life, too.

The moment I toured Humanex, I knew it was a great place for a wide variety of students, with a wide variety of reasons as to why public schooling wasn’t effective for them. First of all, Humanex has students and teachers from all walks of life, which is not only something that is hard to find at other schools, but is an experience that is crucial to success in the workplace. But the most unique aspect Humanex has is that the faculty, along with other students, help create and foster individuality. My strengths were discovered and fostered. My weaknesses were discovered and improved. Humanex provided the perfect balance of challenge and support. It is those reasons why I drastically improved academically, and was able to have a GPA that was good enough to get accepted into college. I say with a great deal of certainty that Humanex is the most significant reason why I am entering the workforce with a Bachelor’s degree on my resumé.  And there are several friends I made at Humanex, all of whom I still keep in touch with today, who are in the same situation I am. My message to all current and prospective students at Humanex is: reach for the stars. You can do so at Humanex. The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. And my message to the teachers and staff at Humanex is: thank you. The impact you make is one that makes a significant difference in students’ lives both imminently, as well as for many, many years down the road. Thanks again, and best of luck to everyone.”

Dan – Parent

“My son recently graduated from Humanex. I want you to know how stricken with grief he was when he learned what happened. He is a goofy, sweet kid who has overcome a lot in his life. Alex was one of the people who helped him get to a good place. My son related to Alex and talked about the cool counselor at the school. I’m sure you’ve heard from other people how Alex helped them. Well, my son is another voice for you to hear, someone who valued your son and is better off because of him.  He is grateful for having known Alex, and for attending a supportive place such as Humanex. I believe that school and people such as your son rescued my son. I can only hope that knowing this helps you and your family, even just a little, in coping with this profound and unimaginable loss.”

*Testimonials written by students and parents of Humanex Academy. Submitted by David Miller, prior Counselor/Asst.Director Human Academy.