IMG_1255 (1)Our mission is to provide educational opportunities to students with unique learning, behavioral and emotional needs, by awarding tuition based scholarships to students in need to attend Humanex Academy, a top rated private alternative middle and high school, located in Englewood Colorado. 

ACT FOUNDATION  was founded in memory of our beloved true hero Alexander C Teves. By continuing Alex’s important work, we celebrate his selfless spirit and passion for helping others reach their true potential.


“Humanex Academy has been helping students with various learning and behavioral needs for the past 31 years.  The only program of it’s kind in the Denver area, Humanex Academy offers specialized instruction for students who have been diagnosed with or thought to have learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, HFA, Asperger’s Disorder, twice exceptional learning, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and many other unique needs.”

Dedicated to the memory of Alexander C Teves. Beloved son, brother, friend, hero.